SUNKKO 709AD Spot welder 2.2KW High power battery digital display mobile soldering Spot welder 18650 Pulse spot weld 110 230V


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  • Dimensions: 37*33*23
  • Rated Capacity: 2.2KW
  • Weight: 7.5
  • Model Number: 709AD
  • Max. Welding Thickness: 0.2MM
  • Usage: 18650 Battery spot welding
  • Brand Name: SUNKKO
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 0.1MS-80MS
  • Rated Capacity: 2.2KW
  • Usage: Battery spot welder
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 100-240V
  • Model Number: 709AD spot welding
  • Max. Welding Thickness: 0.05-0.3mm
  • four pulse time: 2ms-20ms
  • for mobile welding pen: 0.03-0.2mm
  • welding current:: 500A
  • welding pen temperature:: 150-450degrees
  • Other: SUNKKO Pulse spot welders

Please note:

This product was originally collocation soldering pen models for HB – 70B ! If you need

other type of soldering pen collocation, please contact us Increase some costs! THANKS 


Soldering pen type is: HB-70B ,HB-71A, HB-71B


IF you need HB-71A soldering pen please check here >>>>

​IF you need HB-71B soldering pen please check here >>>>


SUNKKO Spot welder 2.2KW High power battery digital display mobile soldering Spot welder 18650 Pulse spot welders 110 230V EU US Spot welder with Welding pen (HB-70B)


Technical Parameter


Pulse mobile soldering part:

Soldering pen and cable length:570mm*2

cable sectional area :18mm*2

welding needle size :1.5mm*7mm

the largest welding pulse current :600A


Thermostat soldering station part:

Temperatur: 150 degree to 450degree

constant temperature precision :+-5 degree


soldering station ouput Output voltage:20VDC

heating up time :6-8s to 300 degree


Spot-welder part:

Supply voltage: AC120V 220V±20V

Power: 2.2KW (Instantaneous)

Current: 50-600A

Time of double pulse: 1~10ms (adjustable)

Time of four pulses: 2~20ms (adjustable)

Time of eight pulses: 8~80ms (adjustable)


Scope of application

Lead sheets of rechargeable battery can be welding rapidly.

The production,installation,welding of lithium battery or mobile power.

The welding of lead sheets and wires from metal parts.


The difference between the 709A

1.709AD with pulse display ,but 709A without

2.709AD fixed spot welding distance ,but 709A can adjust spot welding distance


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